Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Everest

There is only one thing worst then a dream not fulfilled and that is a dream which has been forgotten. Dreams give us hope, dreams make us smile, dreams keep us vibrant and dreams drive us to obtain the impossible.

I am back down south working and will not be able to get back to my cycle for 3 weeks. Maybe the time away from riding is a good thing because I have had some time to ponder of dreams long past. After reflecting on my life, I have found that there is yet one goal I have not yet achieved. My Everest is to complete the Appalachian Trail. Ashamed as I am to admit, I tried to complete the AT when I graduated college. My unsuccessful attempt lead to a string of bad decisions which continued till I got my head together in AmeriCorps*NCCC. . The Appalachian Trail represents one last Goal I have not yet obtained. It's funny because a while ago before I graduated High School, I came up with a bunch of things that I just needed to do. It's crazy because at age 37 I have accomplished all but one task. One more achievement to make before I can start a new list of things to do. Well I am about 50 pounds overweight, have financial and family responsibilities to contend with but when there is a will one can find the way. I just need to find it. The first step may be to stop drinking Coke and eating Twinkies.