Friday, May 21, 2010

One Mountain Climbed, Now Bring on the Marathon

Last Sunday I did something I have not done in 15 years, I climbed a mountain. Well it’s not such a mammoth feat for some but for me climbing a mountain was a goal that needed to be topped. For two days after the hike I hobbled around like a paraplegic panda but the pain of the moment was suppressed by the fiery emotions brought upon me by the sense of the accomplishment.

On my hike I found my alter ego lost in a world of realism, stress, guilt and burdens. Yes it’s the same part of me that I often find when I’m on my motorcycle riding free down a curvaceous back canyon road. I realized that this is the part of my soul that one only finds when the weight of the world is lifted, letting a man become one with the moment. The pain of the trek up that trail made me forget of all things worldly and the higher I got, the more enlightened I felt. It was a good day.

So I dropped 35 pounds, my blood pressure and Cholesterol has been normalized and I have decided to run a marathon. It’s time to make this happen. Why challenge myself to run a marathon? My logic may not make sense to many of you. I have always wanted to Hike the Appalachian Trail but got side tracked with life, obesity and other obligations. My Hike up the No Name Mountain outside of Los Angeles proved to me that I need to do more than just lose some weight; I need to get back into fighting shape. I figure if I can run a marathon then I will be ready to begin my Hike of the entire Appellation Trail. I have no time line to Hike the AT but I have begun my training to run my first marathon. Who knows the AT could be sooner than latter but one can only focus on the immediate goal in front of them.

So here is to finding that lost inner child. Let your own journey take you back home to nirvana.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Head West

The first European to set foot upon the shores of San Diego was a Portuguese explorer named Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in 1542. This area became part of the United States after the Mexican-American War in 1850. The region is as diverse as the people that occupy this exquisite place. Golden sandy beaches to the West flow into rolling mountains to the immediate east. The contrasts of the geographical settings are enough to stir ones emotions beyond recognition. Just south is Mexico and only 1.5 hours north is Los Angeles. A year round riding experience awaits the cycle faithful. I love my home state of New York but I can tell you that the wonders of this place can make a man think about moving west. The thought of extending my riding season 5 months is enough to seriously contemplate the move. More photos and posts to come of California.