Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Tribute on the River Liffey

While taking a walk along the River Liffey in the Ireland, I was fortunate enough to find a tribute to all those who survived, suffered and died during the Great Famine which took place in Ireland and throughout Europe in 1845-1852. The Great Famine or more commonly known as Potato Blight was caused by a fungus that ravaged potato crops throughout Europe. In Ireland, a third of the population was entirely dependent on the potato for food. The lack of the potato crop caused horrific suffering, starvation and death. Ireland’s population fell by more than 20 percent during the feminine. Estimates of a million Irish persons died by disease and mass starvation and another million people emigrated from Ireland out of pure desperation. The fungus that caused the disease of the potato still exists today. Fortunately in 1882 scientists discovered a cure for Phytophthora Infestans. At the time of the famine there was nothing that farmers could do to save their crop.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Man with No Mustard Verses Machine

So I am in Ireland on business for a few months and need to wash my clothing. While leaving the apartment to get to the Laundromat my neighbor tells me that there is a Washing Machine near my kitchen sink. A washing machine in the kitchen camouflaged by cabinets, what a god sent idea. So I rushed upstairs to the apartment and there it was the coolest thing these star struck eyes have ever witnessed. Yes a washer/Dryer combo hidden underneath a kitchen counter. I have been here for 3 days and never knew the thing existed. I actually had to read the directions and accidently put dish detergent in the first load but the thing works like a dream. The machines greatness does not end. Its stealth like as well. The wonder of nature doesn’t even let out a decibel even on tumble dry.

I think there is a mustard shortage in Dublin because I went to four different grocery stores looking for some zesty mustard for my ham sandwiches and came up short. Someone call 911 because this guy is smack out of mustard. I will pray to the mustard fairy tonight in hope that some will show up under my pillow.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Am Back From Boston

Wow I cannot believe I have been gone since May. It has been too long.
So the 2010 Harley Super Glide (FXD) has been great. The power flows through the machine while the adrenaline runs rabid in my blood. It feels raw and rowdy as I drive down the road but in a good way. It’s like I am controlling a beast that is hell bent on chaos. Unfortunately for the beast, it can only do my bidding. Some of you may think that I am taking my description to far but please note the only other bike that I have ever ridden is a 750 Honda Shadow. I do admit that I lack a bit of variety to compare the cycle. The only issue I have with the FXD has been the handle bars. At first I thought it was a perfect fit but after being on the bike for an hour I get a pain in my upper back. This has more to do with my physical being rather than the cycle. Over the winter I am putting on some Ape Hangers that will bring the bars to where I want them.
So I wanted to upload a few photos from my recent trip to Boston, MA. I can only say that Boston Rocks. Second to New Orleans, Boston is my favorite American City. When you visit, just park the bike and walk around for 4 hours. It’s such a small city that in that time you can reach the best historic sites that New England has to offer. From the North Church to Old Ironside, history is truly at your footstep. Follow the Freedom Trail so you don’t miss a thing.