Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Man with No Mustard Verses Machine

So I am in Ireland on business for a few months and need to wash my clothing. While leaving the apartment to get to the Laundromat my neighbor tells me that there is a Washing Machine near my kitchen sink. A washing machine in the kitchen camouflaged by cabinets, what a god sent idea. So I rushed upstairs to the apartment and there it was the coolest thing these star struck eyes have ever witnessed. Yes a washer/Dryer combo hidden underneath a kitchen counter. I have been here for 3 days and never knew the thing existed. I actually had to read the directions and accidently put dish detergent in the first load but the thing works like a dream. The machines greatness does not end. Its stealth like as well. The wonder of nature doesn’t even let out a decibel even on tumble dry.

I think there is a mustard shortage in Dublin because I went to four different grocery stores looking for some zesty mustard for my ham sandwiches and came up short. Someone call 911 because this guy is smack out of mustard. I will pray to the mustard fairy tonight in hope that some will show up under my pillow.


  1. Ha! That's great! How cool is a washer dryer combo in the kitchen? Crazy! Hope the mustard fairies do their job for ya!

  2. Marianne has a washer dryer just like that in her kitchen. It must be a European thing. She hates it though because it takes so long and does such a small load!

  3. I've heard of the combo's and wondered about them. We hope to sell the house and go mobile with a toy hauler as soon as we can semi retire. For us it will be storage space vs. going to the laundry.

  4. Brenda- Mustard Fairy did not come through but I got the skinny on a place that sells it at the black market.

    Heather- Marianne has a point b/c I am wearing sox that never dried. Wet sox feel strange at first but one gets used to them.

    Biker Baby- Toy Hauler, that is what I am talking about.

    Motoroz- Thanks for stopping in.

  5. It is amazing that across the pond they can make do with smaller hidden machines while here in the USA we have to have the biggest and baddest washer and dryers and they even come in bright colors now. Sometimes less is more. Great post. Hope you eventually found some mustard.