Monday, December 28, 2009

A Scent on a Frigid Cold Ride

It got above freezing in Western New York today so I took the opportunity to go for a ride. It is rare this time of year that there are no ice patches on the roads. If you have a chance to exploit Old Man Winters grip on this place then you need to take it. As I drove my Honda along the shores of Lake Ontario, I smelled a scent reminiscent of a winter’s hike up Mt. Evens in Colorado that I trekked more than decade ago. A strange déjà vu kind of moment struck me which was brought upon by this snowy scent. Physically I was on my bike but mentally I was transported from my motorcycle directly into the memory of a winter hike up a mountain which I took a long time ago. Then as quickly as the recollection came, it was over and I was back on of my motorcycle scanning north along the waters of the lake. This is the third time in my life that a smell has caused such a dramatic mental recollection. It’s like certain scents have the ability to directly “Main Line” your conscious to a specific memory from ones past. Along with the reminiscence of the moment come the feelings associated with that memory which make the memory that much more dramatic and fresh. For that split second I was there and back again. It was a rather surreal refection on a specific moment from my past and I am thankful for its recall. As I write this short blog, I am reminded that it’s great to remember the past but I never want to lose focus upon the creation of new memories and adventures which will occur in the future. Hopefully all of you find all that you’re looking for in 2010. Keep Safe, Ride Hard and Be Well!


  1. I see the creative juices are flowing again.

  2. It's amazing how even a slight change in the air can cause such an incredible recollection. I love that we have such abilities to treat ourselves to these kinds of memories simply through our senses. Not every one takes the time to explore this, I'm glad that you are however! It's also great that you stopped and made the time to give it all some thought and then to sit and write about it. Just from what I know, your life has been quite the adventure...keep doing what you do, and creating those amazing memories will just happen.

  3. Rob, Just thought I would update you and let you know I did get a bike of my own! I even went on a winter ride myself on Christmas morning. It was freezing! I still need to get a good leather jacket. It made my Christmas so complete. Thanks for all the words of encouragement. Happy riding for 2010!

  4. Hi Rob,
    You're far more brave than I riding in winter conditions.

    I think your smells may have been an "anchor" Apparently Psychology studies show that we will store memories with an associated smell, sound etc. and therefore we can hear a song, smell a scent and immediately the associated memory comes flooding back.
    It's great when it happens.

    I hope you enjoyed your ride!

  5. R u outta yer ever lovin' MIND, young man? The words "above freezing" and "go for a ride" ought not even be used in the same sentence!!!

    Yer one brave dude, THAT I'll give ya.

  6. Beep!Beep! Hi Rob
    All the best to you and your road trips in life for 2010..!

  7. Scribe- Just trying to keep up with your creative flow.

    Kate- You have always been the adventurous one. Remember get a "Singing Bass Wall Mount".

    Tiffany- How did I miss that you got your own cycle. Congratulations. All I can see is "RADICAL".

    Steve- Thanks for the information. An Anchor, that is good information.

    MeanDonaJean- Always glad to hear from you sister. I could only hope to be as brave as you.

    Tabitha- See you on the open road!

  8. I love that deja vu feeling, that I will try so hard to dig into my memory on why it is so familiar. I love it when I can succeed to remember. It's a challenge for my brain lol. I love the winters and the fresh, crisp air. Miss it so!

    MeanDonnaJean is right, 'freezing' and 'riding' should not go together. I remember myself fumbling along the parking lot as the roads were frozen. Thank goodness they were parked cars. It was so embarassing!

  9. Awesome picture. I agree, whenever we get the chance to steal one away in the winter you gotta take it.

  10. Just to put the cherry on Steve's sundae, anchoring is a part of something called Neuro Linguistic Programming. In other words, the study of how we communicate with ourselves. Pretty fascinating field. Especially when we learn to use anchors on purpose.

    Hope you have a great 2010, too!

  11. Gaia- I have noticed that my memory recall is not what it should be. I blame it on the paint fumes that I accidentally inhaled in a tragic car vs paint truck accident in my youth.

    Tony- The photo is of Lake Ontario. The lake is just huge and gives us all our snow along with her sister Lake Erie.

    Irondad- Wow "Neuro Linguistic Programming", that is one cool descriptive label. I will try to remember that!

  12. One of the great things about riding on the back of my hubby's bike is the changing temps & aromas as we zip through the countryside, almost all year long here in California. The sweet blossoms, the cut hayfields or the seaweed coastline, love all that variety of aroma!

  13. Rob,
    Sorry I'm late but a summer riding accident had actually put me out of commission longer than I would have liked.
    I wish you and your family a Happy New Year
    All the best for 2010

  14. Brenda- I wish my wife would ride on back of my bike!

    Runner- Thanks for the comment.

    Baron- Long time no see mi amigo. I am glad to hear your back in commission. You take it easy and let me know if you need anything. I am planning a ride up North this Summer.