Wednesday, January 26, 2011

EasyRider Motorcycle Show, LA


  1. Sure what do you care. let me eat my heart out while my bike sits disabled in my garage.
    Thank God I never sold my 34 yr/old rice burner or I wouldn't have anything to ride.

  2. Were both trapped behind a wall of snow and I bet your getting more of it as we speak. I just put on a new GPS on my ride and gave it a 2500 mile oil change. I should be ready to ride once the snow melts.
    Honestly I expected a little more from an EasyRider Sponsored Show (how about a free magazine). I will say that there were some great looking bikes and that is what matters. You keep warm SCRIBE...

  3. That's a lot of nice bikes out there...I love those classic

  4. Wow, lots of cool bikes, I felt a little jealous every time I see bikes which are cooler than mine.
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  5. Can't they make a cool looking custom bike with a proper seat? These things look like riding them would be more painful than fun.