Monday, August 17, 2009

Have You Seen a Giant Sea Turtle with a Gun Turret Mount on its Shell?

I am a loner by birth but I am also a social creature by habit. I love hanging around others until it’s time to go and love to contemplate life alone until I get bored. I have driven half way across county on my cycle alone without feeling solitude because I was lost in the moment. Then there are times where it would be nice to have someone to ride with down to the local ice cream shop. In the most part, I would define myself as a solo rider not because I dislike riding with others but because an itinerary is not an option for me. The other day I was riding with a group of friends. We were driving down a back road and for some reason there was a statue of a huge Sea Turtle with a Gun Turret Mount on its shell sitting in someone’s yard. Well as an Iraq War Vet, that sculpture constitutes my definition of modern art. That turtle had character and is something you just don’t see every day. Everyone was in such a rush that I did not have a chance to stop and take a photo. It’s not all that easy to stop and grab a picture when you have 5 riders ahead of you and 3 behind you. You need to understand that the last camera my riding buddies probably had was a Polaroid. For me to stop, I would be interfering with everyone else’s definition of a good ride. Maybe I need to find some folks to ride with that have the same need to take photos of strange things? I guess I could always lead the group of riders then people would be forced to do what I wanted. The sad part of this story is that I have no idea where I was when I saw that Giant Sea Turtle or I would go back and get the photo (when not leading a ride I tend to day dream and have no concept of my geographical location). Strange thing is that I really would not have been happy to just get a photo of that battle ready tortuous. I would like to have found out why the owner of the home had such a monstrosity sitting in their front yard. That story would have made for a better post then the actual photo. Oh for missed opportunities, well next time I see such a thing I am stopping!


  1. It takes a dedicated soul to find true beauty and more importantly, meaning in the world. It also takes a little extra time to stop and smell the roses- figuratively and literally...I’m glad that you took the time to notice it and also contemplate it. That says a lot about where you are in life right now.

  2. Ride your own ride. If those you are riding with don't suit your style you would probably be happier with another group, or going it solo. Like you, I think it is the ride that is important.

  3. This is spooky, I feel like I'm reliving my long distance riding days when I read your postings. I always rode alone as the, 'Lone Wolf.' I went where I wanted to go and stopped when I felt the need. My friends can't understand why I don't want to ride with them. I have photo's that carry heartwarming memories. I know I wouldn't have stopped to take them if I was with a group.

  4. Baron- Scary thought my friend but true enough.

    Kate- The strange things in life just perks my interest.

    Willie Mac True enough, I like to switch my riding style around from time to time just to keep me honest.

    Scribe I could see you being pretty dangerous out there on the open road causing trouble.

  5. LOL. Me cause trouble – “I’m a pussycat.” As far as dangerous – Only to myself. Why do I ride solo, that’s easy. There’s an old saying, “ I would never join a club that would have me as a member.” – Think about it...

  6. First, let me say thanks for the comment on my blog!

    Also, I think it would be awesome to just ride the way you do. I have been riding for 2 years, but have not had the chance to just get up and go with no itinerary. To have the opportunity to just ride and stop to take pictures would be amazing! I hope I get that chance some day! I hope you can figure out where the turtle was so you can get your photo op!