Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It’s Not Just About The Dressing.

Have you ever heard of Thousand Island Dressing? Have you ever heard of the Thousand Island Region of Upstate New York? This past weekend I was fortunate enough to visit Alexandria Bay, NY and if you have not yet visited then give it a try.

Let’s get back to the dressing. In the early 1900’s a women named Sofia Lalonde concocted a dressing which became a local Favorite. Sofia lived in Clayton, NY which was nestled in the Thousand Island Region on New York State. The Respite eventually made its way to a part time summer resident George Boldt who happened to own the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. He was so enthralled with the flavor of the dressing that he ordered it on the Waldorf Astoria’s Menu which catapulted the dressing to become the Thousand Island Dressing which is so famous today.

This takes us to George C Boldt and his famous castle (please see the photos above). The story goes that he builds this castle for a summer home for his wife. Four years into the project, she passes away. Mr. Boldt then halts all constructions and vacates the property. The unfinished Castle actually sits vacant for 70 years until the mid 70’s when NY State Acquires the property. They hype this as the saddest story ever told. Don’t get me wrong, love lost is a tragic event and I can only sympathize with the sorrow Mr. Boldt endured. As sad as his loss was I feel that his emotions could have been channeled in a more positive direction to lay a tribute to his diseased wife. Instead all the effort that was put forth to construct this glorious Island Castle becomes wasted along with his grief. Why not finish the castle and pass it along to charity in her honor. In the End it was Mr. Boldt’s money to waste. I truly believe that grief and intense emotions can be channeled in a positive direction and it saddens me that the man could have turned a horrifically ugly and sad situation into something positive. To let this castle just waste away for 70 years just seems criminal given that it could have been used for other such positive endeavors. Either way you look at it the story of the Boldt Castle is a sad one but it’s a wondrous site to behold and is worth the trip alone.


  1. Everyone deals differently with loss. At least someone felt it was worthwhile completing. I was looking for a short trip and this has some appeal - Thanks

  2. As always, great post and awesome pictures Rob.

    And i agree, I think grief can be directed in a positive way. It is unfortunate that he couldn't do that but we all deal with life differently.

  3. Do I need to copywrite my pictures Rob?

  4. Scribe- If you take that trip then give me a shout. Lunch is on me!

    Trobairitz- Thanks for the message. You are correct we all deal with life differently and Mr. Boldt's loss was surely tragic. I can only hope in my life that kindness/Compassion would trump self pity. Keep on visiting Trobairitz, we love having you!

    Heather- As my better half what is legally yours is legally mine specially when we took those photos from my Camera (LOL). Do I need to Block you from my Blog?

  5. RYC:
    "I suggest drinking allot of iced alcoholic drinks such as margaritas. Just don't let your down stairs neighbor know because you don't want any unwanted guests."

    Good answer, Rob! Ya know, its funny that ya even mentioned that nutjob-in-the-basement cuz allllll weekend long I've been listenin' to her sister (my friend/landlady) down on the first floor scream down the basement stairs to her useless alcoholic sister how she outta get outta that dark fuckin' dungeon 'n get outside into the fresh air 'n sunshine for a change....but NOT just to go pick up another case o' beer 'n stay down there 'n drink all day 'n night.

    I just keep on prayin' that I don't blow any more fuses so I don't gotta go down there 'n run into that disaster-of-a-human-bein' anymore.

  6. Heather said...
    "Do I need to copywrite my pictures Rob?"

    Rob said...
    "Heather- As my better half what is legally yours is legally mine specially when we took those photos from my Camera (LOL). Do I need to Block you from my Blog?"

    I just saw this. Oh man, now THIS is good stuff! Hell, if this kinda stuff keeps up this could turn into a whole new blog of its own (which really ain't such a bad idea when ya think about it Mr. & Mrs. Moto....it could be a BIG Blogger hit!)

  7. So if what's yours is mine and mine is yours. . . doesn't that make the camera mine too!? love ya babe!

  8. great post and story...quite interesting

  9. Very interesting stuff here, very interesting ....and strangely entertaing as well!

  10. I did see this place on the History channel. It is awesome.