Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Visit to See Jack

Just got back from a great tour of the Jack Daniel’s Distillery. There were tons of motorcyclists out.
The riding around Lynchburg, Tennessee is just plain gorgeous. Rolling green hills and fresh black top make for a pleasant journey. I wish I had a dual sport because the wild off road terrain in the surrounding areas begged for some action. The roads are perfect, the people were pleasant and the tour of the Jack Daniel’s Distillery is free. If you get to Lynchburg remember that the tour of the distillery is about 1.5 hours long and afterward you must get a bite at the Iron Kettle Restaurant. The town of Lynchburg is worth a walk through as well.


  1. Tennessee is just plain gorgeous...and indeed it is bro...! whether you're in a cage or on 2 wheels the place and the people is just too gorgeous to pass up
    Jack Daniels...hey I'm not so sure about on 2

  2. Baron, Mr. Daniels and Two wheels definitely do not mix. The hardest stuff I drink on two wheels is Cool Aid.