Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ghosts in Canandaigua

After work, I took a last minute trip to Canandaigua. Unexpectedly, I found Ghostbusters making a house call. Who would have thought there was Ectoplasmic Activity in Western New York? The Island in the photo is Squaw Island and is one of two Islands in the Finger Lakes. It’s also the Smallest New York State Park. You just don’t see all that many paddle boats up north, so I had to get a quick photo. Lastly I found a floating Island of Boat Garages in the lake which have been there for more than 100 years. The town does not allow anyone to sleep in the garages anymore because of safety issues. When I was walking through the docks a local resident gave me a brief tour of his garage. It was a good ride!!

Officially I have been back from my motorcycle trip for a few days. Fortunately, I have not been called away from my residence in Western New York as of yet. I work a job where I usually travel out of state for 30 days and then come home for 7 days. It’s tough on the family and it’s tough on the body and mind. I have been doing this for 2 consecutive years and it has a way of wearing down ones soul if you let it. It has been a stressful first half of the year but my motorcycle trip put things in perspective.

I re-learned that there is more beauty in the world then one realizes. Sometimes we just have to open our eyes to see it.

I also have come to remember the joys of spontaneity and found that adventurous kid that got lost in the bureaucratic shuffle of life.

During my ride, I also re-discovered the joy of everyday conversations.

The ride has re-energized my spirit and hopefully I can take this energy and use it to better myself at home and work. In reality it’s all about not taking one’s self so seriously but giving 100 percent effort in all that one does. That can almost be construed as a conflicting statement but when one learns to walk the line then there is symmetry and balance in ones efforts.


  1. 'Welcome Home.' Wasn’t it nice to have been on a journey that rejuvenated the soul?

  2. I didn't realize that you were away from home for that much at a time, it is making me realize that I need to stop complaining about our family's situation...

    However, I AM glad to hear that positive outlook echoing from this blog- it's what always made you stand apart from so many others! Be passionate about life for your own sake, but also so your boys can learn from you how to find and exeprience that same joy as well! So glad that your trip was so fullfilling in so many different ways.

  3. Canandaigua.....I do believe that's one of the "official ghostbusters" hometown (Jason from Ghost Hunters), isn't it?

    Oh, how I wish my dear Joey were still alive. He'd LOVE to see that car photo. Joey was a 22 year old kid who was killed in a horrific car crash back in January. He & his family always lived either next to or with us, as we do now and as we have done since Joey was a 4 year old lil' Ghostbuster himself. Joey was a true Ghostbuster fanatic! We even had all of his Ghostbuster toys spread out at the funeral. Some years back Joey even made a "home-grown" movie about it....with a bunch of his friends 'n yers truly starrin' as Jeanine!

    That was MY 15 minutes of fame, shot right here in The good ol' Bowels.

  4. Hi There!

    Just discovered your blog by way of Scootin' da Valley and boy I'm sure glad I clicked the link. Lots of great photos and posts, i've already subscribed!

    I love the sentiment about beauty in the world in this posts... it's so true. We forget this all too often.

    Also love the Rumford Muffler Man and the Ghostbusters car here. A man after my own heart.

    Great posts - looking forward to reading on~

    Take Care-