Monday, June 22, 2009

The Trip Begins

I'm off on my motorcycle tour of the North East. Unfortunately I had to call an audible and will not be going to Nova Scotia. I am meeting some old AmeriCorps Friends down near New York City latter in the week, so I had to make some changes to my itinerary. Here are a couple of high points of my trip thus far. The weather has not afforded good photo opportunities but with 7 more days of riding hopefully some will come along!

Western New York (Starting Point)

Saratoga Springs, NY (Tuning Point of the Revolutionary War)
Back in 1777, American Colonial Forces defeated a British Army under General John Burgoyne in two separate battles which took place in September and October of the same year. The real hero of The Battle of Saratoga was the fearless Benedict Arnold who was wounded in the foot while rallying his colonial troops. If one spends just a bit of time wondering through the park, they will find a tribute to Arnold's Heroism in the form of a Bronze Sculptured Boot (he is given no other such honor or tribute).

Whitehall, NY (Birthplace of the United States Navy)
In 1775 American Colonial Forces captured a British Trading Post in Whitehall, NY. During this battle a British Trading Schooner was captured which became the first ship in the United States Navy. This ship and others like it were used to capture a British War ship in Lake Champlain. The captured British Ship was renamed the US Enterprise. The man who was in charge of the American Fleet during these naval engagements was a hot tempered patriot named Colonel Benedict Arnold.

Rutland, VT (Best skiing in the North East)
Killington and Pico are two of my most favorite places to board and ski on the East Coast.

Woodstock, VT (Get Your Covered Bridge On)
If you want to see old school Covered Bridges then make your way to Woodstock, Vermont. You will not be disappointed.

Concord, NH. (Be aware of cats)

Cats are on my mind because I almost hit one doing 60MPH. It just seems like the more Cats one has the crazier one becomes. Is it the CAT that makes a person crazy or is it the Crazy Person with a 100 Cats that give felines a bad name? My vote is for the latter.


  1. Looking forward to learning more...I'll be back tomorrow?
    See ya then...

  2. Love those old bridges.

    Ride on,

  3. lol...cats.... ah yes :)
    great pics as usual!!

  4. About the cats-it's the latter, but that, of course, is only my opinion...I'm allergic to cats, so they have never been high on my list... No surprise to find some great history lessons here, you must be relishing in all of it! And, really, great pictures so far...keep them coming!

  5. Who from Americorps are you visiting? Anyone I know?

  6. Chessie- I went to school to become a teacher and found out that I just did not have the patience. I guess this is as close to the class room as I can get.

    Torch- The Covered Bridges were really cool until I almost got hit by car taking photos. Those locals in Vermont must have really loved me.

    MQ01- Not all CAT People are crazy just the one with more then 10 of them running around their house. Thanks for the comment!

    Kate- I am going to see Erin V and Company from our first year in AmeriCorps. I am on a quest to show them the merits of riding a motorcycle.

  7. Ahh memories. Your words remind me of my younger days when I too ventured out on two wheels. Now I'm happy if I don't get hit by someone driving their SUV while talking on their cell phone.

  8. Love those bridges. I remember seeing them on a film way before Cint Eastwood got involved.

    Are these the same sort?