Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ready, Set, Go

The excitement a young man feels before his first date is just phenomenal. Actually, it’s an onslaught of emotions which usually leads to a case of pimples right before the anticipated event. Before my first date, I remember puking in my parent’s trash can. It was the best regurgitation I ever had. After brushing my teeth and taking a second shower, I was good to go. The Date was with Laurie Reinhardt and we saw a movie (long forgotten which film). The date was a bust when I sat in some chewed up bubble gum on the movie seat and was too embarrassed to leave the safety of the dark theatre. Bubble Gum stuck on a teenager’s ass was torment and ridicule waiting to happen for a kid in my position.
My motorcycle trip this summer is only a few days away and I feel those similar pre-date emotions. Once a year I take a week long cycle trip which brings forth a feeling of teen like exuberance. I harness this energy to find my inner adventurer because sometimes being a responsible adult is really boring. Have I planned the trip as well as I should? (NO). Do I have an itinerary and travel log? (NO). Do I have a list of must do’s? (NO). All I can tell you is that I will get to Nova Scotia from Western, NY via an unplanned route. If I do not get to Nova Scotia, then I got pre-occupied in my travels and found somewhere else to go.
I will never get lost because when one has no true destination then one is exactly where one needs to be.
The Bagger on the Cheap is now ready to roll. Sorry for the bad photo but there will be plenty more pictures to show from my travels on the road.


  1. One of my most favorite quotes of all time:

    "Not All Who Wander Are Lost"

    I hope it is an amazing, soul searching, creative, challenging (in a good way of course!) and satisfying experience. Take along that travel log or at least a journal...and WRITE whenever you can, you won't regret it. I look forwrad to hearing about it and seeing some of the photos you take along the way! Stay safe and relish in all of the perfect moments!

  2. Sounds like you are on the eve of a great adventure. Can't wait to hear the tales and see the pictures.

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  4. Kate, I love your quote. You should have been a teacher b/c I always feel like I have something to learn from you when we chat. When have I ever been one to Wander?

    Trobairitz, I will endeavor to get some photos but yours will never be out done! Thanks for the message!

  5. Oh wee, sounds like my first Date Night, with Todd Rennels...we hit the movie theatre as well and I didn't sit in gum, mister, I spilled nasty nacho cheese all over my top, pants and even IN my shoes. Yeah.

    Looking forward to your travel pics as well, Rob.

  6. Ride safe, have where are the photos?
    We're all waiting