Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thanks Macgyver

I had the pleasure of witnessing the New Hampshire lower lake region with its rolling hills, sparkling lakes and carvatious black top. A local retiree who I chatted with during breakfast told me of a couple of desolate routes into Maine which I followed till I eventually hit Route 1 North which lead me along the Atlantic Coast to Bangor. I really don’t think you can find a bad route to take in New England.


I made a rookie mistake and melted my rain gear on my pipe while riding. Well the pipes were bluing out, so I am not horrifically traumatized by the situation but it caused a really big hole in my pant leg. It was raining and only 64 degrees so I needed to make a quick mend. The obvious fix was Duct Tape. Thanks to the show MacGyver, I have been carrying around duct tape and a Swiss Army Knife for the last 20 years. If you see a guy riding around New England over the next 4 days with a leg made out of Duct Tape then it’s just me. Duct Tape was originally developed back in World War Two and was used primarily to seal ammunition cases against water. It worked for folks back then and it still works today! So far 3 people have commented on my good use of Duct Tape. One Maine Native actually stated, “That is how real men use Duct Tape”.
The photos above were taken while riding through Acadia National Park outside of Bar Harbor, Maine.


  1. very nice pictures Rob! You make me laugh...
    have fun!

  2. When MacGyver was still just a swimmin' sperm 'n a twinkle in his pappy's eye, my late husband (and Lord I dunno HOW he could be restin' in peace with THESE damn kids shenanigans) used duct tape for EVERYTHING....diapers, furniture, windows, you name it....and I've got oodles of pics as proof of his madness. That ugly gray beast was damn near everywhere in our home....but I'll be damned if the ol' man wasn't onto somethin' there, cuz that stuff really works!

  3. Whoops! My bad. That Sweet Soul Odyssey comment above is actually from ME...only my son was logged in instead. Hey, I can't help it...I just woke up. I'm still in half a fog.


  4. I was a drywaller, we used duct tape to stop the bleeding after we ripped ourselves open with a knife or on screws, alum. know any of the hazards on the job. Many times I think we should have gone and got stitches, but they don't pay ya for board ya don't hang and finish...only for board ya do. Work till ya drop, and fix your boo boos with duct tape... worked for everything that every went wrong when we got holes in our bodies...

  5. thanks for the reminder. ive been meaning to add duct tape to my bike bag. :) great post!

  6. Awesome pictures Rob. It looks as you are having a great time, duct taped pants and all. Overcome, adapt and improvise is our motto. Nothing like a little "Alabama chrome" to save the day.

    Keep the pictures coming.

  7. Very well done...Oh yes...Duct tape, the miracle worker..always useful to have can get it cheaper at any $ store.
    Sure looks like you had a good time

  8. Great Photos!

    Duct Tape is such a wonderful and handy thing.

  9. Oh, you are making me home sick for Maine! I think I told you that I grew up in York, Maine, it's near the boarder of Portsmouth, NH. You are really developing those camera taking skills- beautiful photos! Good for you for being so creative with the duct tape!

    Oh, and you know when you're in Maine you have to pronounce Bar Harbor as: Bah Haahbah! R's seize to exist once you cross the boarder! Just out of curiousity, where are you sleeping at night while on the road? Glad you're enjoying yourself so much!

  10. I thinks you need to change this's I can't Fucking read anything...keep it simple's the best...If I want to go to the opera...I can

  11. 498- Welcome back and thanks for the comment

    MeanDonnaJean- You can make a Post on my blog no matter who you signed in as.

    cheesie- Come over to New York, I need some help remodeling my kitchen (LOL).

    mq01- No problem, I am here to help.

    Trobairitz- "Alabama Chrome", I love that!

    Danny- Thanks for the comment, the photos kind of just took themselves.

    Kate- The good folks in Maine really did get rid of all their R's.

    Baron- Thanks for the advice, keep in coming. I messed with the scheme after another suggestion came in saying the original was hard to read. One thing to learn from all this. Don't mess with your blog after watching Saturday Night Fever, I was going for a Disco Theme!!

  12. this blog..cant beat abit of duct the Uk we call it bodge tape..perfect pressy...