Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I have been Working so hard that I missed Spring

Winter is receding away with the onslaught of spring and one can smell life awakening after a long winter’s hibernation. That heady scent is nature’s way of telling you that the leaves are about to return, ducks will be flying north and motorcycles will be returning to the open road. I love the feeling of getting back on a motorcycle after the frigid temperatures have receded and the snow has slipped back to a watery state. Now the adventure begins a new and the experience I call THE RIDE continues.
What is THE RIDE you may ask? It’s THE RIDE which separates those who use motorcycles for transportation and those who ride their bike for more mystical and profound reasons. It may be a short jaunt on the bike but within those few minutes THE RIDE takes you away from yourself, away from work, away from monotonous toil and away from the world. The journey we travel on the motorcycle is what makes the difference and which separates us from others on the road. We find this freedom to be a yearning or craving and once we are back in the saddle we hold on for as long as we can. That is the magic of THE RIDE and that is what I miss most during the dreary cold winter months of Western, NY.

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  1. Food feeds your body...a proper motorcycle ride feeds your soul....!